two loves

I thought it was love.
I thought the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye was love.
I thought that everybody else telling me that it was love definitely made it love.
He was a nice boy. He was popular.
I was a nice girl. I was popular.
We talked, and we shared.
We were friends.
The type of love that doesn’t get enough credit.
Platonic Love. 
I thought we had love.
I thought his mischievous smile, bad boy exterior, and hated-by-many personality were charming.
I thought the alcoholism, and the drugs, and the disrespect, was just a carefree boy.
I don't know what I was thinking.
The boy was toxic.
But at the time, so was I.
I thought we were perfect.
We probably were at the time.
I must have needed the lesson.
He probably needed the love.
So I am grateful for this love.
Unrequited love.

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love comes in many forms

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