don’t ruin us

Will you just give us a chance? I know you feel something between us. I know you’re scared. I know you have your doubts. I have them too. This
isn’t our thing. I get that. But let’s do something different together.

When I see you, I just want to smile & hug you & curl into you. You feel like you’re mine, but you’re not & that drives me crazy. I want to be the one with your attention & I’ll gladly give you mine. I want to know you’re okay, I’ll do the same. I want to be best friends & know everything about each other. If I can hear your stories, I’ll tell you mine. If you listen to my corny jokes, I’ll uncontrollably laugh at yours.

I just want to be with you.

You give me this feeling that I’ve never experienced before & it terrifies me. I’m terrified because you have the power to leave this feeling unrequited. I don’t know how I fell for you, & I’m not sure how I fell so fast, but if you don’t catch me, or I don’t find my footing, I’ll break. I’ll be able to put myself together again. I’ll be stronger & wiser & I’ll find another. But you’ll have a piece of me & I hope you treasure that piece because it’s worth more than you’ll ever know.

don't ruin us Stories by Noelle

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begging for something you need to let go of.

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