protect me

When my heart shattered, every piece, every shard, every fragment, had your name on it. Every term of endearment we called each other, everything you said that once gave me joy. Every dream, every goofy smile, every interaction.

They were all there.

But with time, I managed to put most of the pieces back together. I was finally beginning to see the shape again. With every piece correctly placed, a memory faded, a name was erased, the details of your facial structure turned into shadows. I could see myself forgetting, moving on, feeling bliss.

But then I saw you.

And remembered everything. Every moment I urged myself to turn around and flip against you, I saw what felt like the truth. All of it, all at once. What I had been ignoring became too obvious to dismiss.

I miss you.

My heart aches. For you, for me, for the fact that two souls, so happy together, so well understood by each other, are not together. For the level of confusion placed in between the two, for the lack of communication separating the two, for the denying of undying chemistry amongst the two.

I know you miss me too.

So if it makes us feel better.

I’ll let you protect me the way you choose to.

protect me Stories by Noelle

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the ups and downs of getting over someone

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