two of me

I sometimes feel like I relate
to a lot of things
while also relating to nothing at all.
I feel like there's two of me
and it makes for a wild ride.
I once believed
being called a mystery
or an enigma
was a compliment.
It's what I went for
as if I've actually
been trying
to be this complex
and borderline annoying.
If I was simple,
would life be more simple?
I guess so.
but the grass is always greener,
I like it
when people tell me
that I'm good with words.
because I give myself anxiety
trying to
choose my words carefully.
despite everything,
I feel like a whirlwind of foolery.
but that's likely just me
running away from vulnerability.
I'm happy to get my emotions out,
but I like to hide them from strangers.

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at war with myself

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