a person like me
who lives to be free
always craves
the wind
beneath their wings,
but i don't have them
so i stick to dreams.
these dreams are only
happy for me.
i get to be free and alone 
in the sky,
but people say
they’d care if i don’t
say goodbye.
it'd be better for them
if i was the type of person
who cared.
I'm only here
because i can’t bring myself
to go anywhere.
i never cared how my
“loved ones” would feel
because they’re the reason
i don’t want to be here.
if that makes me selfish
refer to verse four.
if we still can’t see
eye to eye
refer to verse five.
think about what happened
for me to be
the kind of person
who feels these things.
and for everyone else
who shares my dreams,
one day we’ll find
what makes us feel free
even if we’ll never feel
the wind beneath
our wings.

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