the one & the other

I once met a boy that shared 
my affliction with words 
but in a different way. 
I was punished 
with the desire 
to always use the best possible words 
and phrases 
for every single situation. 
He was in turmoil 
because he never knew 
the correct words 
and always used 
the wrong phrases. 
I tried to relax my anxieties 
and he worked to gain more knowledge. 
we failed to meet in the middle. 
I knew too much, 
and he knew too little. 
No amount of communication 
allowed us to understand each other 
quick enough for comfort 
because one of us lacked patience 
and would blame it on the other. 
One of us had no self-control 
and only operated using 
all-or-nothing tactics. 
And the other saw forever 
coming closer to an end 
because the one couldn’t accept 
that they could only be friends.

the one & the other Stories by Noelle

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