self love

I wish that I could fall in love with myself 
the way I fall in love with others. 
I love myself with every fiber in my being 
but I can’t recreate that intoxicating feeling of 
being in love with someone else even though 
I’m definitely obsessed with myself. 
Being in love with myself feels like common sense 
while being in love with someone else feels 
magnetically intense. 
Like every sense I have goes into a frenzy 
and it’s scary but I love it. 
Like an adrenaline rush triggering anxiety 
but the kind that makes you excited. 
Like I’m supposed to choose to fight or flight 
but I only want to observe. 
If I could simply feel this way about myself 
I would never worry about another person. 
But I’d probably be a menace if that was the case, 
so maybe it’s good that I have this trait.

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