sweet sometimes sour

When you first called me a soft, delicate angel 
it raised a red flag. 
I had just gotten done telling you horrific things 
I’d done when mad. 
I was conniving and violent in the stories I shared, 
but you liked that version of me and 
wondered if you’d ever see it.
You told me that the things you’ve done 
were much worse, 
so it was your job to protect me 
until the lonely ride in a hearse. 
A soft, delicate angel in comparison to you. 
You urged me to believe it was true. 
I guess I liked the sentiment you gave, 
but the words themselves still felt strange. 
An angel? Sure. 
But soft and delicate? 
Of course, I can be those things, 
that’s something I won’t deny. 
But main descriptors? 
Feels like a blatant lie. 
But I assumed you saw something I simply didn’t, 
the way everyone views the people they love 
with a bit more forgiveness 
than people usually see in themselves. 
So I was thankful that you saw me 
in such a sweet way, 
but I never fully believed you 
or many other things you’d say.

sweet sometimes sour Stories by Noelle

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