it’s okay to break your routine.
to spend 100 days sticking to a routine
then 7 days laying in bed.
it would be madness to fault yourself
for those 7 days (or more).
those days of rest 
that your body craved.
consuming so much content 
your brain couldn’t possibly retain it all.
it’s okay to just exist for a bit.
no goals or ambitions 
just for a moment
only simple things 
like being able to breathe through your nose and 
eating your favorite foods 
because who cares about calories
when everything tastes so good?
treasure life outside your routine.
you’ll get back to it eventually.

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One response to “routine”

  1. The part that stands out to me here is the consuming of too much content that your brain can’t even remember what you consumed. That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’m very aware of it, yet I can’t seem to stop myself somethings. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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