this is the first time i’ve been old enough to understand the ramifications of society being collectively traumatized. it’s discomforting yet affirming to see my peers glamorizing life before the pandemic the same way i glamorized my life before my personal world flipped upside down. it took me over a decade to realize that romanticizing my past life while villainizing my present life allowed my trauma to remain active, to dig deeper, to linger longer, to feel at home and expand. therefore, i can’t help but be concerned that millions of others may feel this pain for over a decade.

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3 responses to “decade”

  1. Wow, this is a phenomenal realization! It definitely sent shivers through me! I was talking to this older gentlemen once and he told me, “you know when they say ‘the good old days’? Yeah, that is today. The good old days is today.” That has stayed with me and it connects to your post. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! The past few days I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon, and when I sat down to write today it seemed to be the only thought I wanted to expound on a bit. “The good old days is today” will definitely be sticking with me as well, so thank you for sharing too!

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